ELK has helped us with many things from building a tailored marketing automation platform to 10x’ing our inbound leads, implementing B2C marketing campaigns, and organically ranking for many national industry-specific keywords. We’re thrilled with what we’ve achieved together with ELK.


SIG – Fully Managed Digital Services


Growth in New Users


Growth in Transaction Volume


Organic Search Traffic Growth


Growth in Email Engagement

With four to six people from the ELK team working to build a rock-solid SEO foundation and content stream, then combining an advanced top of funnel paid-traffic strategy, the results are continued, sustainable, monthly growth in new leads and transactions.

Sands Investment Group (SIG) is a nationally recognized commercial real estate brokerage firm specializing in NNN investment properties. By taking a fully managed digital approach, ELK was able to streamline and collaborate on all paid search, content, email, SEO and web development projects. With all services managed by ELK, SIG is able to show a more cohesive front to customers and potential customers. This has led to an overall growth in marketing leads and organic traffic growth year-over-year.