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Read how elk marketing provided eCommerce sunglasses retailer, goodr, with a 113% increase in organic revenue through paid social.

- Director of Marketing

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Working closely with multiple teams at goodr to orchestrate a large SEO campaign focused around topic-based content, the ELK team added new paid search and social audience testing to supercharge goodr’s already incredible digital brand with jet fuel to produce record growth during an extremely challenging 2020.


goodr is an eCommerce sunglasses brand that focuses on making durable and lasting sunglasses in fresh colors and styles at an affordable price for consumers. Sometimes a company begins to outgrow its capacity to manage marketing efforts internally, and that’s exactly what happened with goodr in early 2020.

There are various moving parts to running a company, and when it comes to paid marketing efforts, like Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising, this is no different. These ventures part of someone’s core job, it can be challenging to find the time to dedicate to it, especially when a business begins to grow at an exponential rate the way goodr did.

After having an internal employee manage digital advertising and paid media marketing campaigns, goodr realized that in order to grow their results and keep up with their growth, they were going to need dedicated paid marketing support from an outside agency. They came to elk marketing for help. After having supported their website development, they knew we could deliver on results.

goodr’s paid media marketing campaigns were approached in two different ways.


goodr’s paid search advertising for Google AdWords was not effectively targeted, meaning they were targeting keywords with significant spend that were not reaping the benefits that other, more appropriate keywords would provide. Much of their spend was directed toward keywords that didn’t provide efficient ROI. Additionally, there were high opportunity keywords that were currently being overlooked due to less bandwidth and resources to better target keywords.

Due to changes in the way consumers shop, we also knew it was important to pivot their Google Shopping strategy to ensure they weren’t missing the eyes or interests of potential customers.


For paid search advertising, like Google AdWords, we first decreased spend on certain keywords so we could better target keywords that could bring results. Then, we got a better grasp on the current budget allocation between branded and non-branded search terms.

In 2020, we also focused on Google Shopping. A lot changed in the way people shop, and with the way people have shifted to online shopping and eCommerce, this was a great place for goodr’s sunglasses to be found.

With Facebook Advertising, goodr had a solid foundation built, but by diversifying the ads and making improvements to audience targeting, elk marketing was able to double the conversion rate. By targeting unique interests and increasing the variety of creative elements used in the ads, goodr was able to bring in both existing and new customers from these Facebook ads.

Because of elk’s ability to have dedicated time and energy to goodr’s Facebook Ad campaigns, creative, copy and budget could be adjusted as needed to prioritize high-performing ads and campaigns.


By better targeting specific keywords, utilizing Google Shopping, and ensuring both non-branded and branded terms were included, goodr saw an 18% increase in paid search sessions and a 76% increase in paid search revenue. Additionally, by diversifying the ads on facebook ads and making improvements to audience targeting, elk marketing was able to double the conversion rate.

When you work with an agency that offers fully managed digital services, your customers can experience a cohesive transition across platforms. And when issues with conversion tracking or landing pages arise, the full team is able to assemble and solve the problem, sometimes before you even realize there is one.


We’re not merely a “service provider.” We’re an extension of your team that utilizes the best technology and data, masterfully adapted to your business. With 90+ years’ of combined experience, our best-in-class team of strategists, content creators, developers, and designers will partner with you to drive growth. When you win, we win.