goodr Ecommerce Marketing


Increase In New User Traffic


Increase In Conversion Rate

2x / 113%

Added Revenue


Conversions By Social


Working closely with multiple teams at goodr to orchestrate a large SEO campaign focused around topic-based content, the ELK team added new paid search and social audience testing to supercharge goodr’s already incredible digital brand with jet fuel to produce record growth during an extremely challenging 2020.

Goodr is a retailer of sunglasses for sports, gaming and everyday uses, and are found at stores across the country. With a top-of-funnel approach to SEO, paid social, and paid search, ELK worked to attract new customers for Goodr. By targeting top-of-funnel keywords and tracking conversion rates, revenue and traffic, ELK was able to increase transactions and revenue from organic search, paid search, and paid social.

Some of the incredible growth numbers from 2020 include:

  • Site Traffic increased by 59% with a high of 70% in July
  • New user traffic increased by 61.5% with a high of 71.5% in July

Ongoing SEO activities and paid media campaigns resulted in a steady growth across the board in 2020.

  • Organic Search traffic increased by 56.5%
  • Direct traffic increased by 60%
  • Revenue increased by 113%
  • 117% increase in transaction volume

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When it comes to building a solid ecommerce platform, dedicated time and support from experienced professionals can make all the difference. Many retailers start with a small team who might be doing 10 different things, from web design and development to email marketing and social media. There will be a time for many retailers where that is just not enough anymore. Sometimes, the challenges are too great to face alone.

Goodr came to ELK for just this problem: They needed someone who had the time and expertise to quickly and efficiently solve development challenges on their ecommerce website.

The first few months ELK teams worked with Goodr, we strictly did web development work. ELK’s development teams helped solve Goodr’s website headaches, prioritizing projects and quicking moving the more urgent ones through the pipeline. When someone notices a problem, teams can jump on projects quickly to find a solution.

After working through many of the outstanding development projects, ELK was able to approach how development and the company’s marketing strategies can work together. In the case of Goodr, a lot of the fundamentals for SEO, paid marketing, and other marketing strategies were already in place. What ELK was able to do was build on these, fine tune what was currently working and grow the efforts to see even more results.

For Goodr, that foundation was a great place to start. ELK began to increase the SEO efforts in collaboration with the development work that was being done on the website. After analyzing the current SEO work and figuring out the strategy for non-branded terms, ELK worked with Goodr’s content team to optimize content that was being created for the website.

By combining the strengths of a quick response development team, a knowledgeable SEO team and an experienced paid marketing team, ELK was able to increase revenue for Goodr by 112%, increase conversion rates by 40% and increase ecommerce transactions by 116%.

The key to any successes in business, marketing or relationships in general is communication. That’s true in ecommerce, as well. Goodr and ELK developed a strong working relationship, complete with weekly calls to ensure everyone knew current project status and next steps. This helped everyone not only plan but make changes as needed.


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