Creating an Organic Social Media Strategy

When you create posts on social media but don’t pay for advertising, it’s called organic social media. These posts allow you to create a connection with your audience and it gives them an opportunity to engage with you.

Organic social media can be very valuable to your company, because it is cost-effective and longer term. When you look at your overall marketing strategy, you can think of a tree with a lot of branches. Each branch represents a different tactic you are using to market your business.

Organic social media is one branch, or maybe a few branches if you have different social media platforms you use for different purposes. Let’s take a look at how you can create an organic social media strategy that works for your business.

5 Tips for Creating an Organic Social Media Strategy

#1 Always keep your audience (your customers) in mind

This might mean more educational or informational content, instead of just posts about your product or service. What do they need to know that will help make their lives easier? If you sell laundry detergent, you can give tips on stain removal. If you run a tax preparation company, you can share information about what types of receipts or supporting documents to keep for the upcoming tax year.

These types of things will keep your customers or prospective customers coming back for more useful information, which will keep you front of mind when they need your product or service.

#2 Determine what types of visual elements you want to use

You may want to share a lot of videos, or photos, or infographics. What type of visuals you use will depend on what you do and how much time you have to create them. Sometimes a photo of the product (or going back to the laundry detergent example, a before and after of a stain) will work best.

Other times, a short video of you or your employees discussing a topic will garner a lot of engagement. You can do some trial and error, as well, to see what your audience responds to best.

#3 Use relevant hashtags to help your content be found

Hashtags are a very important tool for organic social media, because they help people who don’t already follow you find your content. You can research what types of hashtags are popular by using hashtag research tools or by simply searching on the social media platform and scoping out what your competitors are doing.

You want to use a few hashtags on each post, and make sure they are relevant to your business, your industry and the specific content of each post.

#4 Become an industry expert or thought leader

General posts about industry news, hot topics and new trends are a great way to drive new followers to your page and increase engagement. When you create content that positions you as an expert in your industry with thought leadership pieces on trends, tips or news, you are making it known that you know what you’re doing and you stay on top of the latest information. This makes you look credible to prospective customers as well.

#5 Find and join industry related groups to grow your following

Depending on your industry, finding industry related groups on Facebook and LinkedIn can be a great way to increase your following. Sharing content from your company page or becoming active in these groups yourself will increase overall awareness of your brand on social media and can grow your following and even increase engagement.

The social media team at elk can help you develop an organic social media strategy that can drive engagement for your business. Get in touch today to learn about how we can help create strategies and content your followers will love.