Benefits of Organic Social Media for Your Business

When you are looking at ways to get in front of your potential customers and build a strong customer base who will become repeat customers, there are many different ways to do this. Your marketing strategy is like a tall tree, with many branches.

Each branch is one of the tactics or channels you use to build the strategy: email lists, direct mailers, paid ads and retargeting ads, website content and organic social media. Each of these channels has its own pros and cons, and the channels you choose to connect with your audience will depend on what you do and who your ideal customer is.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of organic social media and why it might be a good fit for your business.

What Is Organic Social Media?

What do we mean by organic social media? With social media, there are two main options: paid or organic. Organic social media means you are creating content and sharing it to your company pages without paying any money to the platform.

When you aren’t paying for advertising on social media, it’s called organic social media. These types of posts rely on your customers to engage and interact with your content.

Benefits of Organic Social Media


If you’re looking to create a community of customers who learn from you, help you grow and encourage others (like their friends or family) to join you, then social media is one of the best platforms for you.

You can create connection with your audience on social media, because you are able to have back and forth engagement with them. You can share posts about what your business is up to, but also hear from your customers on what they enjoy or want from you.


Organic social media is a very cost effective method for many businesses. Whether you are marketing to consumers or to other businesses, your product or service is something someone wants and most of those people are on some sort of social media platform.

Organic social media by nature does not require you to pay for your posts, like paid advertising does. Organic social media reaches people who follow you because they follow you, not because you are giving money to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or other network to show your posts to them.

This means you can do it for free (or relatively inexpensively, if you are outsourcing your strategy).

Works Alongside Other Channels

Social media doesn’t need to stand alone. It’s a long term marketing element that works well alongside other branches of your marketing tree. You can pull content from your website and link back to it.

You can use social media as a piece of a campaign, with paid ads and email blasts. Organic social media can fit into any marketing strategy, because it can build off of and reinforce other tactics you are using.

Customer Service

Just like building connection, social media offers you another way to interact with your customers through providing customer service online. Whether it’s a comment or a private message, people will send you questions or comments through your social media pages.

This gives you the opportunity to respond and provide a high level of customer service. 80 percent of consumers use social media to engage with brands, so this is a great place to make sure your customers are happy.

If you need some help deciding which platforms to use or developing an organic social media strategy that helps to grow your marketing tree, elk's social media team can help! From strategy sessions to content creation to management, our team of experts can help set you on the right path to organic social media success.