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What Makes a Good PPC Campaign? 4 Key Elements You Need

PPC marketing

When looking at your marketing strategy, you need to consider all of the different parts and how they can work together to create new business for your company. If you think of a big, strong oak tree as your strategy, with large branches, you can envision each branch being a portion of the overall strategy. One branch might be your social media platform(s), one might be your website, and one might be digital advertising. Each branch is important to the overall strength and success of the tree — and of your company. 


PPC, or pay per click advertising, is one branch that can be beneficial to your company’s growth if it is done correctly. Because PPC involves paying for something, if you don’t have someone knowledgeable in how these ads work running the ads, you can be losing money without getting much in return. That’s why this is a tree branch where finding an expert can make sure it doesn’t snap off in a storm. When you are seeking out an expert to help with PPC ads for your ecommerce business, here are four key elements you should be ready to help them with so they can create the best possible ads.


  1. Your goals: Unlike some of these other elements, this one can really only come from you. You need to be able to identify and articulate your goals to your PPC expert, so they can create ads that align with those. Maybe you want to increase traffic to your website, or maybe you want to focus on conversions or sales. Whatever your goals are, understanding them can help you drive results with PPC marketing. Oftentimes your PPC goals will align with your overall business goals to grow more sales or attract new customers.


  1. Channels: Do you know which channels you want to advertise on? One of the most common channels for PPC is Google, and this channel can help you drive traffic and sales for your ecommerce website. But knowing which channel or channels you want to advertise on can help you find someone who is experienced with that channel and help you determine a budget for your campaign on that platform.


  1. Content: Your PPC expert can help you with this, but if you have keywords, specific landing pages or blog posts you want to link to, or phrases you think really describe your business, you can share them as you get started. A PPC expert will be able to help you craft these into ads that will convert, and make suggestions for content and campaign assets that will improve your campaign. Ultimately, these ads can do best if you work together with you as the expert of your business and the PPC professional as the expert of advertising. 


  1. Audience targeting: You know who your primary audience is, so sharing those demographics with whoever is running your PPC can help them create optimum targeting for your campaign. If you have buyer’s personas or testimonials of problems your product/service has solved, those can help a PPC expert better target the right audience for your ads.


If you are looking for an ecommerce marketing agency that can create PPC advertising campaigns that convert for your business, ELK’s paid marketing team can help! From developing optimized targeting to creating campaign assets, our team can help you create and run a successful PPC campaign that fulfills your goals. Get in touch today to learn more about how we are ready to help your business grow.