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shopify blog examples - ELK Marketing

Shopify Blog Examples to Help Increase Sales

Shopify’s easy-to-use platform can enable you to start or grow a successful online storefront. With innovative eCommerce and blogging tools, the platform helps you sell products and increase your online presence. Customers can select items by reviewing descriptive text, videos, and images. You can also feature your products through trending Shopify blog content. You’ll find […]

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competitor analysis - ELK Marketing

Why Conduct a Thorough Online Competitor Analysis?

Before launching your next online advertising campaign, market research and competitor analysis can help you create a more effective search engine optimization strategy. You could become a sought-after online seller in your eCommerce marketplace by first identifying and then remaining aware of your competitors’ keyword strategies. Whether your marketing strategy relies on blogs, videos, or […]

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traditional marketing vs digital marketing - ELK Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing | Complete Guide

As much as you invest in creating a quality product or service, marketing is equally essential to your business’s success. Your excellent company can’t benefit anyone if the public isn’t aware of what you offer. The need for competitive marketing solutions raises the question: What are the advantages of traditional marketing vs. digital marketing techniques? […]

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digital content marketing - ELK Marketing

Digital Content Marketing | A Comprehensive Business Guide

There would be no digital marketing without content marketing. If you intend to launch any sort of digital marketing campaign, you will need to place a great amount of emphasis on producing exceptional content that draws in consumers. Unfortunately, when it comes to content marketing, many small businesses and marketers simply don’t know where to […]

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seo migration checklist - ELK Marketing

SEO Migration Checklist Before Moving A Website

You’ve done all the work you can to boost your site’s SEO and realize that minor adjustments won’t get you to the level of visibility you crave. A web migration may be the key. Before you undertake the massive task of migrating your entire site, you’ll need a comprehensive SEO migration checklist to ensure you […]

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digital marketing during a recession - ELK Marketing

How to Increase Sales in a Recession

The global economy is in a state of flux. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the many challenges faced by the supply chain, the economic downturn has become much more severe. Many countries are facing unprecedented economic declines, with the World Bank forecasting that the global economy will […]