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At ELK, we believe organic search traffic is the most important marketing channel for a brand’s sustainable long-term growth. However, in the world of Facebook marketing, ROAS, and multichannel marketing funnels, it is often the most overlooked channel. Many of the brands we meet with don’t fully understand the true power of organic search and the philosophy that in the long term, organic search is the most profitable channel for their product or service and creates one of the largest barriers to entry for new competitors.

Stated simply, top-of-funnel performance SEO is asserting your brand’s search presence into the supply and demand economics of the internet. Every day, tens of millions of consumers start their journey toward conversion with a simple Google search. This initial keyword search volume signals their demand to satisfy a curiosity, purchase, or need with a conversion action. At ELK, our guiding philosophy is our three-pronged SEO approach of onsite optimization, content development, and strategic backlinking in order to rapidly improve the brand’s top-of-funnel search visibility and meet their future consumers’ demand.

Onsite Optimization

Continuous maintenance and development of your site’s digital infrastructure to keep pace with Google’s ever evolving onsite best practices

Content Development

Developing content in our voice that speaks to your consumer, enhances keyword density, and increases top-of-funnel reach.


Accelerating your site’s organic search results and domain authority with organically obtained backlinks. 

120-Day Growth Potential

While SEO can take time to develop, we take a structured approach that starts showing organic traffic growth results within the first 120 days of working with our team. To accomplish this, we execute a performance SEO marketing plan. We analyze the demand potential of your product or service, current rankings, existing content, and rankings of your competition, as well as analyze the relevant keywords that your site currently has sitting on search result pages 2 and 3 to project the true organic search value of your brand.