ELK provides proven and effective SEO services to ensure your company remains competitive in the digital space, now and in the future.

of all eCommerce sales start
with a search engine

of all clicks are the top 3 Google search results

We’re SEO Pros, So You Don’t Have To Be.

ELK takes the guesswork out of Search Engine Optimization and puts your brand in front of people searching for your products or services.

ELK provides proven and effective SEO services to ensure your company remains competitive in the digital space, now and in the future. We accomplish consistent revenue growth by focusing on three pillars of SEO, tackling relevant non branded keywords, and improving organic visibility for our clients.


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Why Organic Search?

70% of all eCommerce sales start with a search engine

Search traffic comes with implied intent and timing

Organic click-through-rate ranges from 2.5% to 40%, compared to PPC’s max CTR of 5%

Most eCommerce brands are not optimized for non branded keywords

Best on-site performing new traffic source channel:

  • Lowest Bounce Rate
  • Highest Conversion Rate
  • High Time Site

Sustainable Growth

We think of internet search engines as the world’s purest example of the democratized supply and demand economics that are the foundation and backbone of our consumer-driven eCommerce economy. 

Did you know there are roughly 5.6 billion searches on Google every single day?  Those searches can convert questions into solutions with a single click. These clicks provide indexed and ranking sites with a boost of highly convertible traffic.

By understanding the methodology behind global keyword search volumes and their corresponding keyword difficulties, we prioritize which keywords to target that will provide the highest degree of certainty in moving a client’s website to page one. By understanding the domain authority of a client’s website, we’re able to achieve this within the first 6 months of our working relationship. 

What is Growth SEO?

Growth SEO is the practice of effectuating top-of-funnel nonbrand page one keyword growth to drive a sustainable influx of new high commercial intent-driven traffic to a target website. This practice combines traditional Search Engine Optimization best practices such as onsite optimization, content generation, and offsite linking with a performance methodology that utilizes keyword prioritization based on profit margin data, current indexed keyword position, and difficulty, as well as historical PPC ROAS data.

Content Development

Off-site Optimzation

On-site Optimization

The knowledge of the team and their passion for results is amazing! I have worked with several agencies over the years and ELK is by far the top agency! They deliver results, are extremely collaborative, and are client-focused.

Head of Marketing

The Elk team has gone above and beyond our expectations of an SEO company. They continue to reach & exceed predicted KPIs and work seamlessly with our team to steadily grow our organic traffic. The team has also helped with other areas of our digital marketing, showing that they invest time and energy not only into the work that they do for us but building a solid business relationship with our team. Elk also impressed us by quickly adapting to the culture of our company.

Head of Marketing

We've grown our organic search traffic by 42% over the past year, and have increased our organic search revenue by 80%. This is all thanks to the ELK team and their efforts in optimizing our site for organic search. We now have twice the amount of keywords ranking on page one on Google than we did a year ago.

Head of eCommerce

After working with many marketing agencies, we have been impressed with how transparent and communicative ELK is. We meet every week to discuss reporting and the ELK team has never missed a meeting. They go above and beyond to help our entire team understand our marketing initiatives. We look forward to continuous growth in our brand with ELK by our side.

Director of Global Sales

As a client with niche market needs, especially during a global pandemic, we had to pivot our strategy and the team at ELK helped us do just that. We are excited to have seen growth during 2020 and are looking forward to continued success while working with ELK.


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Are you actively running profitable non-brand pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google or Bing? As profitable as these campaigns can be, they are just no match compared to the potential of organic search traffic. Let’s talk numbers; The average click-through rates on the an AdWords ad is roughly 3.17% across all industries, meanwhile organic click-through rates of Google organic results range from 26-37%.

Target keyword selection is the most important process of Growth SEO

We are not the company that will waste time and treasure focusing on simply unattainable keywords. In the words of Sun Tsu’s Art of War, ‘he will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.” This is a paramount philosophy when selecting keywords. Avoiding extremely competitive keywords that are being dominated by sites that are substantially more authoritative will not lead to the increase is traffic that we set out to obtain for our clients.


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