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Google Digital Marketing Guide | Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification


If you want to see your business succeed with the best digital marketing strategy and build an all-rounded team, you want a professional who’s knowledgeable about the ins and outs of digital marketing. A professional with the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Google certificate may be the skilled team member to give your business the boost it needs.

Also known as the “Google Digital Certification”, the program is offered by Google Digital Garage and is perfect for elevating an individual’s — and therefore your business’ — understanding of the digital world

The entire course contains video tutorials and self-paced learning, so it attracts many individuals to finish the certification according to their comfort and convenience. This article will explore all the details on Google Digital Marketing Certification and evaluate how it can benefit different aspects of your business. 

What Is the Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate?

This certificate is awarded to anyone who completes a course on the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. Described as a comprehensive course, the Google marketing certification course is equipped with all the basics to help those aiming to grow a career in digital marketing sharpen their skills and knowledge. 

The course is offered through Google Digital Garage. It contains 26 modules and demands 40 hours of investment. Google Digital Garage is a Google marketing platform that gives opportunities to new and professional marketers to understand and polish their real-world skills.

The course is accredited by the Open University and the Advertising Bureau Europe. Once an individual passes the exam, they can download the certificate from the landing page of the digital marketing courses website. 

The registration procedure is simple, and the entire Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification is free. 

Why Get a Google Digital Marketing Certification?

People often encourage newbies to get hands-on or field experience in digital marketing rather than a certificate to land a dream job. While work experience is important, it can’t replace a certificate that helps them understand the basics and explore the fundamentals of this field. 

Here are some ways hiring an individual with a certificate may help your team: 

Improves Candidate’s Value to Your Company

When added to the content of an individual’s cv, it highlights their achievements and interest in digital marketing. It shows they have an interest not just in digital marketing but also in understanding the technicalities and how to do their job effectively.

Sets Candidates Apart From the Competition

Two qualifications you want from those you hire are strong digital skills and a motivation to learn. A certificate is an excellent demonstration of both, and it shows they are dedicated to their digital marketing career.

Business Growth

An individual digital marketing certification from Google helps allow your business to grow. It shows they want to continue sharpening their skills as their career progresses, which is an asset for your company. 

Whether an individual has just passed from their university or is an experienced marketer, hiring talent with a Google Digital Marketing Certification will help boost your company’s digital marketing strategy. 

Is the Google Certification Worth It?

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, there are many benefits of earning this certification. 

Easy to Use

For starters, the registration procedure is quick, and the entire course is also divided into small chunks, meaning that individuals can easily digest the information to maximize their time investment.

Each module features videos and check-in questions, and they help retain all the information. In short, an individual can learn the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing at their own comfortable pace. 

There are also action items at the end of a few lessons, and each module is followed by a quick quiz to test the knowledge learned so far. When implemented by experts and certificate holders, these items can give a solid boost to your existing business. 

Explore the Basics of Online Business 

If you aim to start your new business online, anyone who has earned a certificate in this course is a valuable asset to your company. The modules help you explore ways to build a solid marketing strategy to compete with eCommerce stores and businesses. It also guides you on using Google Analytics tools and improving your website’s ranks. 

Credible and Reputable Source

The fundamentals of a Google Digital Marketing Certification are worth it because a reputable and credible source backs it. After all, the course is offered by the head of the online world: Google.

Therefore, Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is worth it. When learning with Google Digital Garage, the course taker gets the confidence to absorb up-to-date and legitimate information.

Is the Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Worth It?

It is safe to say that a marketer who has earned this certificate and has benefitted from the above qualities can add significant value to your business. They have all the required knowledge and experience to create and elevate the strategies and their impact to earn success for your venture.  

How Does a Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Google Certificate Work?

The process is simple and is divided into a few simple steps. After registering, the course taker learns new and advanced digital marketing skills through bite-sized videos, and their knowledge gets tested by a quiz at the end. 

Then, there is a 40-exam question exam that one should pass to obtain the certificate. They can download the certificate to be included in their cv when they have earned the certification. 

Anyone who plans to take the Google Digital Marketing Course must complete 26 modules designed on various topics. There are lectures on:

  • Organic search
  • Web analytics
  • Building an eCommerce store
  • Expanding a business internationally

These modules are well-curated, helping individuals earn a competitive edge over their peers — and your business competition. It gives them the knowledge and skillset to curate and scale a digital marketing strategy that’s effective for your business. 

Why Should You Hire a Candidate Who Has Earned the Google Digital Marketing Certificate?

Anyone who passes the course will possess and learn the following skills. If hired, they can benefit your business in many ways. 

Analytics and Data Insights

Analytics and data insights help individuals get a complete understanding of the user base. Those insights offer crucial wisdom to users and also help find solutions or methods one can adopt to build better customer experiences. 

If you hire someone with a Google Analytics Certification, they can provide you with all the data you require to:

  • Create a workflow strategy.
  • Implement new ideas.
  • Take actions to improve performance.

Business Strategy

Strategy is crucial in running a business. If you’re unsure how to create the most effective strategy, you may want to hire an individual with Google Digital Marketing Certification so that they can add this skill to your team. 

Anyone who knows how to build a strong business strategy can help create marketing plans for your business. The individual can also find flaws in the current strategy and suggest changes that might help overcome challenges while implementing a plan. 

Content Marketing 

Google-certified digital marketing course also helps marketers improve or polish their content marketing skills. Content marketing is a crucial aspect of the digital marketing industry and is one of the most important fundamentals to earning a high ranking for your website. 

Luckily, the course teaches the basics of content marketing that results in individuals earning this skill and benefitting your business in many ways, provided you hire them for your venture. 

Display Advertising

Digital advertising is a type of online advertising that combines URLs, images, and text related to a website so that a customer can learn more about your business and its products from a visual perspective.

There are a variety of Google Ads certified formats that only experts know about. The course helps individuals understand each format so they can effectively implement the ideas for your company. 


This is another skill that’s vital for marketers. It includes everything from setting up an eCommerce venture to promoting it to gain revenue and profit. Course candidates gain an understanding of eCommerce, so they can help companies like yours build an online presence. 

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is another crucial skill to possess in this digitally-operated world. It aims to help individuals handle multi-channel marketing strategies to target potential buyers on tablets, mobile phones, and other devices.

Since customers have started to shift their money and attention to their smartphones, this skill has proven beneficial in gaining and retaining customers. 


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a skill that can help businesses rank on top and generate traffic on their website. It is a competitive skill and essential if you want to see your business grow digitally. 

When you hire a certified marketer, they bring this skill to your team and contribute to your company’s growth. Without an understanding of SEO, it is impossible to lead in the digital market. 

Email Marketing

A benefit of hiring people who have passed the exam and received the certificate is their understanding of email marketing. As a form of direct marketing, email marketing uses advertising through email to promote the products and services of a business.

It also helps keep the customers in the loop by sending them various updates on the company’s product line so they feel engaged and a part of a marketing strategy. 


The course helps individuals learn how to integrate video into their content strategy. The modules also help them create various video ads on a restricted budget and guide them to keep the videos visible to the right people.

Your business can use this skill to integrate video marketing into your current strategy and reach out to a broader audience.  

Social Media

This skill is unique and it involves the abilities and traits to create and communicate marketing material on social media platforms to achieve business goals. An expert with this skill knows how different social media platforms work and has the know-how to create visual and written content with ease. 

Web Optimization

Web optimization is the skill of using advanced strategies and tools to help improve a website’s performance and increase traffic. It also involves implementing strategies that can elevate conversions and help ventures earn high revenues leading to profits.   

A marketer with Google certification in digital marketing can benefit different aspects of your business with a boost to your team’s digital marketing. 

Is the Google Digital Marketing Exam Difficult?

All questions are course-related, so as long as an individual has completed the course and all related quizzes and activities, they should pass the exam.

One may find the course difficult if they haven’t gone through the tutorials properly or if they skimmed through the lessons. The exam might also prove hard for those who lack basic knowledge of digital marketing.

Rest assured, if an individual has passed the exam, they have a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of digital marketing.

How Long Does Fundamental Google Digital Marketing Course Take?

The course demands 40 hours of investment to complete the 26 modules. However, the duration may increase depending on the learning pace of the person taking it. 

The exam is structured with 40 multiple questions and demands a score of 80% to pass. The total time to complete the exam is 75 minutes. 

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How to get a google digital marketing certificate?

  1. Sign up for a Google Digital Marketing learning program.
  2. Prepare for the assessment by taking the activities contained within the program.
  3. Take any associated certification assessment(s).
  4. When you pass the assessment, you’ll earn a certification that you can view and print on your profile page.

Is the google digital marketing course free?

Yes, the Google Digital Marketing Course is COMPLETELY FREE in the Google Digital Garage.

What are the courses in digital marketing?

The course in digital marketing are:

  • Analytics and Data Insights
  • Business Strategy
  • Content Marketing 
  • Display Advertising
  • eCommerce  
  • Mobile Marketing
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • Web Optimization