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Recently, we looked at the difference between technical and content SEO. They are both important elements of a good search engine optimization plan, and can help strengthen each other so your website can have better keyword rankings on search engines. When you combine content marketing and SEO (both the technical and content sides), you can have a strong website that attracts and converts customers. By creating useful content that educates, informs or entertains, your prospective and current customers will keep coming back for more. Here are things you can be doing to drive more traffic to your website with SEO and content marketing efforts. 

5 Things You Should Do To Drive Traffic With SEO & Content

  1. Keyword Research: Keyword research is important for content marketing and SEO to work together. You need this for a few reasons: (1) To know where you currently stand on keywords for your website, (2) to know which keywords to use and optimize for in the content you are creating, and (3) to help you see the growth of your keyword rankings in the future. Keyword research can also help you know if the keywords you are using are the right ones, based on user intent and the way people are searching for your products/services.
  2. Evergreen Content: Evergreen content is a great way to improve your website’s search engine rankings while making your site more useful to customers. Evergreen content is just like an evergreen tree — always useful and relevant. This means that people will be searching for this type of content for many years to come, oftentimes year round, helping keep this content in front of searchers more often.
  3. Internal Linking: Internal linking helps Google crawl your site so that your pages rank better for certain keywords. It can also help to point website visitors toward other relevant content on your website. You can use internal linking to link to other blog posts or to your product pages if you are referencing a certain product. 
  4. Backlinking: Backlinking is one of the key elements for good SEO, and it requires good content. This is when another website links to your website, like a blog post or landing page. A good SEO expert can help you generate backlinks so that your website will see improved keyword rankings for key pages.
  5. Monitoring & Reporting: When you’re monitoring and reporting on content and SEO goals, you can track traffic, conversions, sales, and keyword rankings. Without this step, you won’t know how your content marketing and your SEO are performing, and you won’t know what changes you might need to make for more traffic and sales on your website. 

As an ecommerce marketing agency, we know how important it is to drive traffic that can lead to sales. At ELK, our SEO and content teams work closely together to ensure a strong SEO and content marketing approach for your business. ELK is listed as one of the Top Content Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles by DesignRush. Our SEO analysis can help you see how much traffic you could be bringing in, and we can help you develop a game plan to get there. Get started now!