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Like Masienda’s incredible recipes, the ELK team combined the ingredients of a full website overhaul to improve speed and search performance, a large effort for SEO optimizations and content development, and a new strategy for paid social campaigns to create a sustainable digital growth ecosystem.

As a single source farm to table supplier of masa harina and other authentic Mexican ingredients, Masienda was looking to attract like-minded customers. In the past, Masienda hadn’t put the effort into their organic search potential. They had high domain authority, but they weren’t sending the right signals with onsite content. 

Then, ELK stepped in. 

The SEO team at ELK worked to identify opportunities for keyword and traffic improvements. From an initial SEO audit to the campaign itself, ELK’s team worked with Masienda to improve their overall SEO efforts for optimum growth. Three key elements were used to see growth results: onsite optimizations (including site speed), an improved content strategy, and a new backlinking strategy.

In just 5 months, ELK transformed Masienda’s search visibility. This SEO campaign drove organic traffic for Masienda by nearly 200%. Masienda’s page 1 keywords on Google increased by more than 75%, with the overall ranked keywords going from 2,500 to more than 4,500 in a short period of time. 

When all the SEO elements come together — from content to onsite optimization to backlinks — organic traffic growth will follow.


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