Odjaghian Law Group: (SEO)


Growth Overall Site Traffic


Increase Page 1 Keywords


Growth in Non-Brand Keywords


Growth Organic Search Traffic

Starting with a full website rebuild that included new content development to fit the SEO keyword strategy, then adding paid search, lead tracking, and on-going topical content development, the ELK team has helped deliver a growing source of relevant new traffic. Highlight: Reaching page 1 of Google nationally for “brain injury lawyer” in March 2021.

Odjaghian Law Group specializes in brain and catastrophic injury legal cases. With such a niche topic, it can be difficult to gain the keyword rankings and traffic to generate leads and draw in new clients. However, with the right team to support you, injury attorneys can find success with SEO campaigns.

For Odjaghian, they came to ELK with a unique challenge: target a very specific group of keywords and improve the keyword rankings for brain injury attorney related topics. With such a targeted list of keywords, the corresponding keyword ranking growth was bound to lead to traffic growth.

Starting with a keyword audit, the team at ELK was able to build from the ground up. Because we were also working on redoing the Odjaghian website, we were able to combine efforts early in the process with foundational SEO best practices implemented at the time the new website was launched. We were also able to use the keyword audit and subsequent keyword list to work on on-site optimizations and creating new content. A backlink campaign further helped to solidify SEO success with keyword growth.

The targeted SEO campaign increased Odjaghian’s search visibility by 330%. With only 91 keywords ranked in the top 100 spots of Google before ELK stepped in, more than 575 keywords were ranked at the conclusion of a year-long campaign. This search visibility and keyword ranking improvement brought in 60% more organic search traffic.